“There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is no male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.”
Galatians 3:28


Know exactly what to expect before you arrive.

Shop Around

In today's world we shop around for everything to find the best deal. With something as important as our spiritual wellbeing, shopping for churches should be no exception. However, as many of you know, it can be very intimidating trying out new churches. You don't know what to expect, there are so many details between the 41,000 Christian denominations. Let me guess, you're not even sure what to wear? That aside, you wonder... "Will I be singled out?", "Will they judge me?", "How do I tell them I'm just browsing"?
Well friends, fret no more. This page has the Top Questions most people want to know before trying out a church. Here you can find the answers to your questions, anonymously. If we've left anything out, feel free to contact stephanie_harris@ghmcfamily.org


1. Woman can wear pants, jewelry, makeup... whatever you want really. Men can wear shorts. Come as you, or how you wish. (Though we do encourage you to dress modestly in respect for others, including youths).

2. Pastor Tony preaches in Jeans most Sundays. He is a very down-to-earth kinda guy, who really, just tells you how it is. I recommend that you check out his Bio. He can relate to real life because he's lived it. His sermon's are interesting (not like the boring sermons your grandparents drug you to) and he really spells it out so that everyone can understand the life application to the message. He also laces his sermon's with humor that keeps them light, while at the same time delivering the blow of realization. Teens love his sermons... that's saying something!

3. Some members of the congregation dress up. Others come very casual. There is really a wide range, so you'll blend right in no matter what you chose.

4. We believe in ONE God, existing in three forms (Father, Son & Holy Spirit).

5. We believe that we are all born of sin, and that we all DO sin. Sin being what is defined in the bible as such. Tony does not omit passage to please the populace of society's whim. He preaches it as it was written, without regard to political correctness. You might not like what he has to say sometimes... but it's written in black and white. After all, if we hadn't (or don't) do things that the bible teaches against, we wouldn't need to be in church anyway... right?

6. We believe that God, knowing that man could never avoid sin, sent his only son to Die (as a sacrifice) to save the souls of mankind so that we could enter his kingdom. Thus, through Jesus, our sins are forgiven. We believe that you have to accept Jesus to receive that grace, and then have to continue your spiritual growth in him. It's a process.

7. We do believe in speaking in tongues via the holy Spirit, though it's not likely you'll see anything like this portrayed in the movies. And if by chance you do, most likely you will have felt the presence also. Don't expect big theatrics on Sundays at GHMC, unless of course our kid's are putting on a skit. :)

8. When you walk in, expect to be greeted by our WOW team. They will shake your hand & ask if you've been here before. You'll receive a church bulletin and a 'visitor card' to fill out. These cards are used for the Visitor followup program. You'll receive postcards in the mail from time to time. Don't worry... we don't stalk you. Don't be afraid to tell our greeters that you are "Just Shopping around". And if you do not feel comfortable filling out the card, it's okay to indicate that too. We would love to see you, but we also respect your privacy. You may also have other members of the church introduce themselves before or after service. We're a freindly bunch here at GHMC.

9. Anyone working in the Children's ministry has passed a criminal background check.

10. We are handicap accessible and welcome all disabilities.

11. In addition to Men's & Women's restrooms, we also have a private "Family" restroom.

12. Pastor Tony will NOT call you out in front of everyone.

13. Bring some loose change for the "Penny March" if you are attending the second servcice.. In addition to the traditional offering, the kids go around with buckets collecting pennies (or other change). This money goes directly into the Kid's fund. Word of the wise, don't put all your change in the first bucket, budget your coins for the most fun. The kids really like working for it. Hence, a handful of pennies can go a long way.

14. If you are new to the faith, or just curious, GHMC is the perfect place to start. We follow the simple path of Jesus without all the religious hoopla.

15. Many of our Leaders, including Pastor Tony, have come from a rough past. Having walked a mile in thier own shoes, you will find that judgment is not of the GHMC mindset. That part belongs to God. We just want Love & Acceptance, thus that is what we give.

16. You don't have to be a long time member of our church to get involved. Infact, we encourage newcomers to join a team. It is a great way to grow in your faith. It's amazing the talents you'll discover through volunteering!

17. If you are on the edge about churches, try out a Wednesday Night RAW session. These are extrememly casual, open discussion forum. Nothing like a Sunday service. This is a great entry session into the faith. Be advised, no topic is off the table in this forum, thus it is only permitted for 13 yr + ages. However, Kid's Club is available during that time.

18. Kids are dismissed after praise & worship (and penny march) for children's church.

19. GHMC does not pass around the traditional offering plate. While we beleive in tithing for the Lord, we feel this should be a private exchange with God. Therefore, GHMC has an offering box mounted on the wall to each side of the stage. If you wish to give an offering, that's where you can find them. Note, you will never be pressured to to give tithes or offerings. What belongs to the Lord is given of a free heart.

20. We typically play modern praise and worship songs, though we do periodically mix it up with old hymns. On months with 5 Sundays, the youth lead worship on the last Sunday of the Month.

IF you have any other inquiries, please feel free to contact Stephanie Harris, she is more than happy to assist you.

Great Harvest Ministry Center

1107 S. Fairview Drive Bloomington, IN 47403 (812)339-GHMC